A compact thermoelectric generator with no moving parts.

What it does

Based on the Seebeck effect, the Fluditeg transforms heat produced by an endothermic engine, otherwise burnt into the atmosphere, in electrical energy.

How it works

Supplied with two fluids at different temperatures (ranging from 60 to 200 celsius degrees), it produces electrical energy proportionally to the temperature delta between the fluids.

Why it is good

Amongst others it provides for the following benefits: reduced fuel consumptions up to 3%, reduced emissions and no additional costs compared to an existing generator eventually replaced.


It is basically made up of a few aluminum plates, wafer-assembled to accommodate the two separate hydraulic circuits and perfectly crafted to host the power modules.


Fluditeg is capable of recovering 3.5% circa of the heat enery applied. For 8600Kcal (10KWh) applied, 350Wh are available as electrical energy; such a device would be sized 12dm3, weight 35Kg circa and outputting 300W/350W circa by using two fluids at a delta temperature of 75 celsius degrees.


A typical liner bus or a track burn into the atmosphere around 65% of the heat produced by the engine. Fludideg helps reuse part of that.

Fluditeg © is an utility patent, registered in Italy with n. 0000273786 by Iginio Fidente.